Undisclosed Location #35

A meat packing plant on the west side of Rochester. The underground of it stinks to and through high heaven STILL from all the rotting meat that presumably was left there when the place closed in 199x. You do? I'd like to learn a little bit about it for my files. Crusty, rusty machinery Great gobs of greasy grimy somethings... What an innocuous name for a meat grinder

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Peeling Paint Asylums Aren’t Cliché

Don't worry, we had permission. This is the Walters Building at Rochester psych center, which is now owned by and partially used by the Al Siegel center for some sort of storage. They agreed to give about ten of us a tour, as long as we ran through it and saw the whole place in 45 minutes. Predictably, that meant we missed at least 3/4 of it. Oh well... it's the closest I'll ever get to seeing an asylum anyway. Apparently it was a dental asylum? Roofs are overrated. The stench of decay Steam tunnel to the Terrance building. Remember…

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Back at Flintkote with the UR UrbEx. I'm still amazed we made this one happen, with Andrew on it and all! More giant machinery here The destructed ruins of what was once a relatively grand train station on the way to Niagara Falls. It was already closed for decades by the time it burned in 1974, and now only the brick and stonework somewhat remain. More fire damage... we probably could have brought this steel mill down with our hands. Some deranged protest... Lockport was left out of the Interstate highways, and someone wasn't happy? I guess? So many rusting…

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Secret Passages Bank

I'll admit it: this isn't technically urbex, we had permission to be here. This beautiful abandoned bank will be transformed over the course of the next 8 days into a venue for ArtAwake 3, a one-night art and music exhibition in a forgotten part of the city. Until then, though, it's one hell of an abandoned building to explore! How about a giant vault door? Or a ceiling covered in frescoes? This would never happen in the Recession Unique view of the Times Square Building One beautifully complex cable

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Wrong Side of the Fence

I guess if I can't get into an asylum, the next best thing is to look at one from the outside? This was a weird trip from the start, I'm not quite sure what Ian had in mind but I think it was this. He knows I can't climb fences, and presumably he knew this place had a fence, so... I assume I got to be part of the scouting trip then he'd go back without me to see it. It was impressive just the same, and completely worth the 2-hour drive out to it. Or not. But I know…

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