P0L 1C3!

Draining around Buffalo on a hideously rainy January afternoon… the first two were gushing torrents of storm-swelled rivers at Lockport and Scajaquada, so we just happened to find a small manageable one in West Amherst. After a stop at Home Depot for drain boots and a run through the Mighty Taco drivethru, we returned to the entrance, followed by a moderately suspicious black Lexus. The license plate being P0L 1C3 should have been much more of a clue than it was. But after we explained what we were up to, the chief offered us a few suggestions of bigger and better drains, so it all worked out well in the end.

The Notorious R.C.P. (rectangular concrete pipe), this is about the most ordinary drain possible.

After just enough of this to really get on one’s nerves, it started to split into quite the network
Split 1
Split 2
Split 3

Snotsicles. They’re kind of like slime mold and grow on the roof of drains.

Explorer, in natural habitat

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