Another outing with the UER group... wasn't much of a story to it, just going out and exploring the old Fall Street incinerator site. Karl, Brendan, Andrew and (somebody) at the inevitable Failboat Burn all images: destroy epitaphs! The scariest stairs, at least back then Mind the gap! The rest of the shit photos I took are here...

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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day holds a special significance to Rochester explorers. It's always been a day to go down to the subway, check out the latest graffiti, and gorge yourself on Dinosaur BBQ afterwards, taking the place over with 50 rowdy people covered in tunnel dust. This year's event was no exception... a few of my favorite graffitis of the year: When the revolution comes, will your bicycle be ready? This one goes out to all the engineers! Don't click here to avoid some terrible photos of the Rochester subway!

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