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Less Studying, More Exploring

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How better to enjoy finals week?

Bernar’r Macfadden was a very eccentric man. His Castle on the Hill, the Dansville Physical Culture Hotel, served as a shining example of his health advice. The inventor of Grape-nuts and push-ups, Bernar’r (originally named Bernard; considering this name unmasculine he respelled it with the roar’r of a lion) considered fresh air, the outdoors and a raw diet essential to the promotion of health. Besides vigorous exercise, the hotel also offered the latest in music and theater, and lectures religious and secular, to contribute to its patients’ mental health.

This brochure from about 1938 shows the hotel open and in use, and describes the various healthful activities taking place within.

The hallways let in plenty of fresh air and warming sunlight

Stairwells made entirely of wrought iron.

Lonely chairs are everywhere

The scary part is, I didn’t notice the painted “LIZ” there until after I took the picture. It doesn’t show up off camera!

Evil feeds on hearts that bleed

The Great Hall. This was the dining hall, and probably the theater as well.

Exit through the lobby… don’t forget to check out!

I had to leave some good photos behind, see it all here


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A December day and night in a previously unexplored part of Iola Sanitarium. There were prisoners (and prison guards) on the grounds in the afternoon, apparently this is one of the places the county brings them for exercise.

This room is cleaner than mine. I’m a bit surprised there are no squatters here, especially with the electricity still on!
Living Room

This didn’t quite come out as intended.

This one did…

We called this one the Murder Room. Even if all that got murdered was some film props.

And this is where it gets interesting… all the outlets work, and a few lights are still on!

More photos here

Fluid Dynamics 103

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Third time at the Fluid Dynamics factory; not that I especially wanted to go back, but it’s a place the new Concrete Collective hasn’t seen, and we have a ride out there, so why not go for it…

Watch out where the huskies go, never eat ammonia snow!
So Not Snow

Whittiker’s First Law: Every abandonment has a shopping cart

Whittiker’s Second Law? The front door always opens!

This little gadget is an explosimeter. Properly calibrated, it will let you know if the air where you are standing is imminently explosive. Luckily it is reading a 0% chance of blowing ourselves up. Unfortunately, the batteries are probably dead.

Sulfur. So much sulfur. And brimstone.

See it all.