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Back at Flintkote with the UR UrbEx. I’m still amazed we made this one happen, with Andrew on it and all!

More giant machinery here

The destructed ruins of what was once a relatively grand train station on the way to Niagara Falls. It was already closed for decades by the time it burned in 1974, and now only the brick and stonework somewhat remain.

More fire damage… we probably could have brought this steel mill down with our hands.

Some deranged protest… Lockport was left out of the Interstate highways, and someone wasn’t happy? I guess?

So many rusting bikes. It’s incredible these are still here!

The iconic Buffalo Central again. We picked a very bad day to go here, with today being Easter Sunday, everyone, including the politicians and dignitaries, was on hand yesterday for the final preparations for Dyngus Day. Apparently when someone starts shouting “City property! You better get out, I’m the mayor!” sometimes it actually is the Mayor. Go figure.

Anyone have any idea what these glass things are about?

While we were on the roof of the Malt taking advantage of the birds’ eye view of our last location, this happened:

Yes, it’s a real live sandstorm. No idea where the sand came from, it’s not even blowing in off the lake. After another minute or two it completely swallowed up the rest of the view. We didn’t stay long enough to see if it stung, taking shelter until the dust died down… What a mess! Is this normal for Buffalo?

Video of the storm from Chris Seward:

More of my photos. I took far too many.

Wrong Side of the Fence

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I guess if I can’t get into an asylum, the next best thing is to look at one from the outside? This was a weird trip from the start, I’m not quite sure what Ian had in mind but I think it was this. He knows I can’t climb fences, and presumably he knew this place had a fence, so… I assume I got to be part of the scouting trip then he’d go back without me to see it. It was impressive just the same, and completely worth the 2-hour drive out to it. Or not. But I know it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to seeing a real asylum.

This pretty much sums up the day. Looking right into barbed-wire fences.
Barbed Wire

If only this were a tunnel…

That which they call the Oculus.

Really, nothing crushes a day quite as much as an asylum fence.

P0L 1C3!

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Draining around Buffalo on a hideously rainy January afternoon… the first two were gushing torrents of storm-swelled rivers at Lockport and Scajaquada, so we just happened to find a small manageable one in West Amherst. After a stop at Home Depot for drain boots and a run through the Mighty Taco drivethru, we returned to the entrance, followed by a moderately suspicious black Lexus. The license plate being P0L 1C3 should have been much more of a clue than it was. But after we explained what we were up to, the chief offered us a few suggestions of bigger and better drains, so it all worked out well in the end.

The Notorious R.C.P. (rectangular concrete pipe), this is about the most ordinary drain possible.

After just enough of this to really get on one’s nerves, it started to split into quite the network
Split 1
Split 2
Split 3

Snotsicles. They’re kind of like slime mold and grow on the roof of drains.

Explorer, in natural habitat

Buffalo Malt

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A Monday afternoon skip class and explore trip with MidnightGenius from UER. Our first target was the giant grain elevators. Then this happened.


While about to give up, we just happened to run into the Buffalo Malt tower.

The place was pretty well trashed and gutted, but at least it was big

Probably the most interesting thing about it was this thing on the roof, with thousands and thousands of glass tubes

This was in the basement for some reason

More crap photos here. I really need to get a proper camera and/or a bit of creativity.


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Fall couldn’t come soon enough; another semester of college, the Bills have a chance again, and it’s UER season! First place of the day was an orphanage school whose days are numbered


Painting the tunnels before graduation seems to have been a tradition here

Next was a boring old furniture factory that isn’t worth much of a mention here. Then, somehow, we decided to attempt this iconic site


This was about as far as we got before paranoia took over… cops on the brain are the (second-)worst! At least we weren’t caught…