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Spaghetti Factory

Written by Concrete on . Posted in Concrete, Industrial, Rochester

This was a place I saw while I was canvassing last fall and never made it back to. As far as I can tell, it’s a former part of the LiDestri plant, a spaghetti sauce conglomerate that dominates the north side of Fairport. It’s also the farthest away of our regular season destinations, so we decided to make it a priority in a week that we have a guest explorer with a car in our group. The entrance was a bit less than intuitive, for me anyway – the door that I thought would open, and probably was open in the fall, was grown shut with a thick blanket of ivy, most of it poison. The rest of the group was able to get in through a window I couldn’t fit into, so I just waited outside instead of making the rash decision of trying to tear down the noxious plants. Just as they were about to leave, they found a locked door that opened from the inside, and I finally got my chance, running around the place as quickly as I could with the 10 minutes or so of daylight remaining, more or less shooting blind. I’m actually pretty satisfied with what happened, although I would have loved to have a wide angle lens for this place…