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With Occupy Wall Street starting up, I just thought about this graffiti I’d seen a few years ago in the Rochester Subway. I don’t think I thought much of it at the time. In 2008 I didn’t even really know how to ride a bike, let alone having one. Yes, I was that sheltered. But that was then.

When the revolution comes, will your bicycle be ready?

I have no idea who Jonah L’Esperance is, assuming he’s even the one who said it, but this is really kind of brilliant. Say what you will about bikes being slow, or somehow else inferior to cars, but they really are the most egalitarian vehicle — one bike per person, no fuel to run it (except for burning our own fat), and you get to experience the city in an entirely deeper way on a bike than watching it go by through a windshield.

This may even end up being a future plan for Concrete now that we’ve lost all our vehicles (AGAIN) so we can stay out on our adventures — no cars involved means no stupid drivers being pains in the ass and stranding us before the trip has even started.

Highway 61 Revisited

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And so i go back to the Union Carbide/Tesla factory for the fourth time this year. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of all these machines. Even after what turned into the fail explore of failness last weekend.

First, a picture that isn’t of machines…

But really, this is why I’m here

And this

And this

Although really this trip kind of sucked. I don’t think these pictures were anywhere near as good as the spring…

Then as soon as I got home, I realized just how much fail there was. I was locked out — and my keys were back at the Hall of Machines, probably from when I was climbing around on them. To make matters worse, it was supposed to be our group chat and online meeting to try to get Concrete Collective off the ground again, which, of course, I showed up 45 minutes late to, after Nate had run roughshod over the meeting and taken away 2/3 of the group’s members to start his own, depriving us of basically anyone over college age, anyone with a car, and anyone with exploring experience besides with me. Like I needed any more of that shit happening, after my troubles with UER. So now I’m stuck with no group and no house keys, all because I wanted to take a few shitty pictures of machinery. How’s that for fail?