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Colossal Cave Adventures

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It is dark. It is likely that you will be eaten by a grue. At the bottom of a long ladder, there are two passages, both alike. One goes nowhere. The other leads to a long, dark, endless tunnel.


Your headlamp is not bright enough to see very far, so you continue on into the blackness.

Suddenly, something reeks. You look around at the walls, and see this alien life form.

It lets you pass into its chamber. Sound behaves strangely here.

(Most of) our intrepid crew; Josh and Rachel wandered off somewhere, we should probably look for them sometime…

A night at the opera. This room resonates LOUD at low F#.

Aha! I found our missing adventurers

At last, the end. This tunnel is close to 10 miles long, not even counting the branch routes.

A few more I didn’t bother to post here

Lost Art

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Rochester is lucky enough to have four huge, legal graffiti areas. This is one of them, the abandoned water tanks at the top of Cobbs Hill. The art changes completely about every three months or so; on any sunny weekend there are a few painters around the towers making their art. It’s one of the few places that one can actually see graffiti in action, since there is no fear of being caught at the legal walls.

…and one stray shot from another of these legal walls: the abandoned subway

Plenty more graffiti shots here

Fluid Dynamics 102

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Back to the Kleen Brite factory… not all that much to say about the place, but you can’t go wrong with industrial rust.



The company went under, and left everything, right down to half done experiments in the labs


This place must have been a nightmare for the plumbers

Need any caps for anything?


Photo album here